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(V) Creams and soups 4,35 €
Cream of vegetable
With courget, carrot, potato and nutmeg
Cream of pumpkin and leek (with or without cream)
Cream of the day

(V) Salad
Salad buffet large 6,20 €
small 4,20 €
(one helping)

Salad of “Vegeta” 5,10 €

Entrées 9,20 €


Lasagna made with lentils. spinach, swiss chard and leek. Oven grilled. Accompanied by tomato sauce and oregano

Stuffed Eggplant. Grilled eggplant. Stuffed with onion, pepper, carrot, tomato sauce and textured soy. Grilled with parmesano cheese or not (V option)

Fresh pasta. With sauce of the day.

Whole wheat quiche. Quiche made with whole grain crust oven baked. Ingredients dependin upon season.

(V) Cuscus with vegetables. Cuscus with raisens. Accompanied by stewed pumpkin, green pepper, couget and onion. Seasoned with cummin and corriander.

(V) Rice with sautéed vegetables, coco and sesame sauce. Whole grain rice with red pepper, carrot, green beans, mushroom and coco sautéed and enriched with sauce of sesame and soy.

Special of the day. Different every day.



Homemade desserts

Cakes 3,90 €
Chocolate with orange marmalade.
Cheese cake with red fruit sauce.
Cake of the day.

Mousse 3,15 €

Cream of yogurt with almonds 2,35 €

(V) Fruit compot 2,35 €

Yogurt 1,65 €


Menú 10 €

From Tuesday to Friday no holiday, at lunchtime.

Include starter, main plate, bread, drink and dessert or coffee.


Vegan dishes : marked with (V). Ask the waiter for the special of the day


Natural juices 3,25 €
Carrot, apple, orange or mixed

Grape juice with lemon 1,80 €

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beer 2,25 €

Mineral water or sparkling mineral water 1,60 €

Wine Red, white or Rosé
Bottle 9,00 €
Half bottle 5,00 €
Glass 1,75 €

 Herbal te 0,95 €

Coffee 1,30 €


Bread 1,20€



IVA Included